JANE WAS HERE is a suspense story which brings reincarnation, karma, and the paranormal into the mix. What if someone was born with a fragmentary memory of a life before, and refuses to adjust to their new identity? What if she is driven instead to find the rest of those memories so that she can know what happened to her 150 years ago when she mysteriously disappeared?

Sarah Kernochan (born December 30, 1947) is a documentarian, film director, screenwriter and producer from the United States. After graduating from Rosemary Hall in Connecticut, she dropped out of Sarah Lawrence College to take a job writing for The Village Voice.
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This is a must read! You will be left stunned! The characters come to life on the page!

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"The writing is superb, lifting the book beyond 'genre' fiction into literary fiction with a wide appeal"

After quitting that job, she became interested in film and quickly gained national prominence in the United States as co-director and co-producer of the 1972 film Marjoe (about evangelist Marjoe Gortner), which won an Academy Award for Documentary Feature.

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